Almost Classy– 2012 LA RAW Musicians Of The Year!

BL: What project are you working on now?
AC: We are currently working on a brand new EP which will be released in early 2013.  With slightly harder rock edges compared to our previous recordings, we are excited to share the new sounds of ALMOST CLASSY with the world.

BL: What is your favorite place to work on a project?
AC: Our favorite place to work on a project is in the recording studio.  We feel creatively uninhibited, focused, and at home.

BL: If you had an unlimited budget what kind of project would you like to work on?
AC: With an unlimited budget we would record a full length album, multiple singles and music video releases.  As well as a follow up nationwide tour to promote the album.

BL: What under-appreciated artist or work do you think people should know about?
AC: In an era where online music sharing is a huge part of how we experience music via mobile devices and computers, many people will hesitate to pay to see a show live, unless it is for a band that is in the top 100 charts.  For us, it’s less about a specific artist and more about an under appreciation for live independent music.  Live audiences are a vital way for unknown artists to expand their fan bases.

BL: What’s the first thing you think about when you embark on a new project?
AC: When starting a new project one of the first things we think about is whether or not the project represents us well as artists, and does it contribute to defining who we are as a band, conveying our energy, positivity and joy about doing what we love.

BL: 2012 is almost over what are some of your favorite highlights as an artist/group?
AC: 2012 has been an exciting year for us.  Starting with re-establishing our core group of band members, and ending with being award the 2012 LA RAW Musicians of the Year, we have had many great shows and triumphs as a band.  We are looking forward to how the hard work done in 2012 will pay off in 2013.

BL: What makes your work stand out?
AC: Our work stands out because of how much fun we have making music together.  We’ve been told its contagious, whether your seeing us live or hearing us on your computer, we believe that the energy we put in is evident in everything we do.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and use each other to keep ourselves focused on the idea that we are privileged to be doing what we love.

BL: Give us one fact about yourself that will surprise people?
AC: When we are not recording, practicing or performing, we all work for the same restaurant here in Los Angeles, Le Pain Quotidien.